Tools Of The Trade

Small-Medium Events


This system is appropriate for small to medium spaces and can handle crowds of up to 100. We have 2 of these systems. Coupled with our power generator, this system can also be used in remote areas, ie a beach wedding ceremony.

Large Events


We have 2 of these bad boys. Just one system can accommodate crowds of up to 500. We recommend these systems for medium to large weddings or corporate events. It's unconventional thin and sleek design and small footprint makes them barely noticeable. When you're looking through your wedding photos years later, you won't see any giant speakers on top of clumsy tripods in the middle of your beautiful flowers!

Computer DJ


Millions of songs at our finger tips. We have an arsenal of music ready to get the dance floor moving. We love to mix a variety of music and with an internet connection can live mix virtually any song you request.



Mike West uses a variety of high quality instruments. He brings multiple guitars to each event. Each with a unique tone and/or tuning. This keeps the performances interesting. Electric or acoustic, Mike West is ready. He may even bring his ukulele!

Studio Cat


Mike West is also available for satellite recording sessions. Mike is well versed in all major DAWs.



Want music at your beach wedding ceremony but there's no power outlet for the speakers? We've got that covered too! Note: This can only be used with the Small-Medium systems.